PPC stands for Pay-per-Click and is a marketing method used by individuals and businesses alike to drive large volume of targeted traffic towards their websites. This is done by creating and placing your ads on online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, etc. The catch is that you have to spend money on either the clicks that are generated for your website, or on the calls that you get from these ads, or sometimes even to reach a measurable target audience. But PPC has its own benefits that it can provide instant results with high a conversion ratio.

Google AdWords

At Mount Digital, we manage the Google AdWords account for your business where we identify and target the keywords that will drive highly convertible traffic to your website. Using a plethora of research techniques and tools at our disposal, we create effective paid search campaigns which are oriented towards optimizing your target cost per lead or conversion. A sensible investment in Google AdWords directly results in your business revenue growth.

Facebook PPC

With 18.4% of the global digital ad spending being done on Facebook alone, our team of Facebook Ads experts helps your business by planning a marketing budget and strategy that meets your business requirements, and then implementing the aforementioned strategy to help your business grow. Facebook ads provide you with an extremely large volume of potential customers, thereby making it a highly profitable marketing channel.

Re marketing

Google Remarketing ads are banner ads that are delivered to be seen by your recent website visitors on their mobile and desktop browsers. These ads provide a higher ROI because a visitor on your website is generally a person who is interested in the service/product that you are offering, and the more times they see your ad, the more they are likely to purchase from you or interact with your business.

Landing Page

A landing page designed specifically for a particular campaign results in a 20-45% increase in conversion rate for your PPC campaigns. For businesses, it is essential to have dedicated landing pages to make their ad campaigns successful. Our team has the capability and creativity to design and develop eye-catchy and high-conversion landing pages which can be integrated with your existing marketing tools.


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